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Design Our Trucks!

Have you seen our courier trucks? Capt. Ahab’s Fine Seafood? Kafka’s Pest Kontrol? Dr. Jekyll’s Pharmacy? What do all these business names have in common? They aren’t real businesses! In 2009, we launched a creative and successful campaign where classic books were turned into humorous business ideas and featured on our courier trucks. These humorous names and eye-catching images have been stopping traffic for the past three years but it’s time for an update...

Submit your idea and design!

Now is your chance to create a moving billboard for our courier trucks that will be seen by residents all over Johnson County.

It’s a contest

First, select one of the classic books listed here and come up with an idea. We suggest something that:

  • Brings a smile
  • Causes a person to stop and think about reading
  • Inspires a visit to the local library

Second, create a traffic-stopping design to fit our courier trucks. If chosen, your design will be placed on our courier trucks with a high quality vehicle wrap and will be seen daily making deliveries all over Johnson County!

Library staff and a local advertising agency will review submissions and choose several to adorn our trucks later this year!

Design details

Your design idea will cover both the sides and the back of the courier truck.

  • The sides of the courier truck are 195.5" wide x 96.75" tall. Your design for the sides, including the text and primary image, should fit within 180" wide x 82" tall.
  • The back side of the courier trucks measure at 100" wide x 95.5" tall. Your design for the back, including the text and primary images, should fit within 86" wide x 78" tall.

For contest judging, please submit a PDF. Winners will be asked to submit a scalable vector image. All images used will need to be no less than 100 dpi after resizing to fit.

Contest details

Submit your designs to by June 30, 2012.

Submitted designs and ideas become property of the Johnson County Library. Entries will be judged by Library administration and senior staff at Barkley advertising agency. Four designs, one for each truck, will be selected. Winners will be notified in July.

There is no limit to your submissions. If you have ideas for two or three different billboards, send them along!

We look forward to your ideas. Thanks for your support of the Johnson County Library!

Classic books as the basis for your design

Use one of these titles as the inspiration for your moving billboard. We encourage you to be as clever, creative and inspiring as possible.

Please use a book from this list. If you submit something that is not on this list, your submission will not be considered.

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