Live Your Healthiest Life



Registration encouraged for this event, to help us have an accurate amount of supplies. Register here for this event or call Mike Kruger at 913.477.8384 for help registering.

All of us probably know some areas where we could boost our health and happiness. That might mean exercising more, eating healthier, learning stress management techniques or nipping a bad habit in the bud. Making a change can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. This series will show you how to incorporate knowledge and simple changes into your life to reap big rewards.

Presented by Michelene Krueger of Johnson County Department of Health and Environment.

Sept. 5: Why Am I So Stressed? - We will take a look at the underlying causes of stress and will go over basic exercises to relax and manage stress.

Sept. 12: Mind, Body, Spirit - This session will focus on ways to alleviate symptoms of stress by using a combination of tools such as deep breathing, yoga or guided meditation to keep your whole body healthy.

Sept. 19: Fuel Your Body - Learn how to eat healthy to fuel your body. Nutrition demonstration focusing on how to eat healthy on a budget.

Sept. 26: Salad Bar in Your Fridge - Nutrition demonstration on how to keep healthy salad bar ingredients in your fridge at all times.

Oct. 3: Moving Towards Health - Topics include: How much exercise do I need? Different types of exercise? What if I have a medical condition that prevents me from exercise?

Oct. 10: Exercise – A Little Does a Lot - Instructor will lead the class through simple strength training exercises and how to fit in “steps” by utilizing a pedometer. Weather permitting, a walking group may be organized.

The last four sessions will target those who wish to stop smoking, and will be led by a Tobacco Treatment Specialist. It is preferable that participants attend all four sessions.

Oct. 17: The Truth About Tobacco - Tobacco Treatment Specialist will discuss the nasty truth about tobacco and other forms of nicotine use.

Oct. 24: Can I Stop? Yes! - Explore your motivation to quit and possible ways to assist you to successfully quit in the long term.

Oct. 31: Ready Go – First Steps - Choosing and beginning to implement cessation strategies.TTS (Tobacco Treatment Specialist) will discuss the different methods to stop smoking.

Nov. 7: Staying Quit - Preventing relapse by using techniques learned in earlier classes (stress management, physical activity and nutrition.)