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E.g., 06/04/2020
E.g., 06/04/2020

The Johnson County Library Board are appointed by the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners for a four-year term, and may be reappointed for an additional four-year term.

To reduce the spread of COVID-19, the Johnson County Library Board of Directors will meet using Zoom, an online meeting tool, to conduct the meeting. Please watch the broadcast of the meeting on the Johnson County Library Facebook page for a live feed or later when the video is posted to the Library’s website.

For more information, visit our ...

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There’s a simple liberating joy
In being different,
Being obtuse,
Having that little bit of self outside of normality,
People will either embrace it,
Or reject it.
Some will revel and thrive in their unlikeness,
Others will shrink and wither at the stares of conformity,
And some will teeter and totter on the razors edge in-between.
I personally advocate the former;
But am too afraid to let myself go.
Our world just isn’t quite ready to live and let be.
I hope someday those shunned by “society”...

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