Arrowood mage with mansion and two playing children
Laura McHugh
Sunday, Sep 3, 2017

Arrowood is a grand mansion on the banks where the Des Moines River meets the Mississippi River. Arden Arrowood spent her childhood living in the family home until the tragic disappearance of her two-year old twin sisters drove her family to abandon the house. Now, almost 20 years later, Arden returns to Arrowood and the memories of her childhood and her sisters. Will she finally be able to find out what happened on that fateful day so long ago?

Arrowood is an absorbing story with a strong lead character that holds your interest throughout. The sense of place (the mansion on the river and the dying city of Keokuk) is the most powerful thread in this novel. Laura McHugh creates such a vivid setting, I find myself wanting to drive the four hours from Kansas City just to see some of the real homes along the river in Keokuk, Iowa.

LeeAnn B.

Written by LeeAnn B.

Fun fact: When Michael Jordan retired from basketball, my stepson (who was five at the time) said; "he's just gonna be a regular man now, not a player or a hero."