Assassination Vacation by Sarah Vowell

Monday, Mar 15, 2010

Sarah Vowell recounts her pilgrimage to the memorials, museums and historic markers denoting assassination attempts on Presidents Lincoln, Garfield and McKinley in her non fiction work Assassination Vacation. She constantly ensnares friends and family members into her excursions to see these historic places and constantly peppers daily conversations, with complete strangers even, with trivia of her passion for these assassinated Presidents. This title would be a fun read for American History buffs or those who would like to relive history vicariously. Vowell includes enough historically accurate details for this to be a possibility in either case. Just close your eyes and envision yourself there! Not at all what I expected but still a good thought provoking read. An intriguing tidbit of trivia, one of her relatives had ties to William Quantrill, the famous Confederate guerilla who was known for his involvement in the Lawrence Massacre of 1863.

Written by Anonymous (not verified)