Bridge of Spies (DVD)

Cover art for Bridge of Spies featuring Tom Hanks and the Soviet flag.
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Wednesday, Apr 27, 2016

Bridge of Spies is one of the better realistic spy movies out there. It is a movie made with the care that was used in making films in the time it's story is set. The 1960's was a gorgeous era in the world of film with bright saturated colors from the use of Technicolor and actors dressed in the glamorous fashion of the time, all of it an excellent distraction from the Cold War that was in full swing. Bridge fully immerses its audience in vivid visuals and secret glances. It tells the true story of Rudolf Abel, a Soviet spy arrested by the US government, and James Donovan, an insurance lawyer initially tasked with defending Abel and later sent to negotiate a prisoner trade in East Berlin for a captured American pilot as the infamous Berlin Wall is rising.

Bridge of Spies has a stellar cast including Mark Rylance, who plays a Soviet spy and won 2016's Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, and Tom Hanks who has won multiple Oscars in years past. There's no big blowup action sequence to view here. The film has a slow and quiet pace for such a heavy subject matter and it allows the audience to feel some of the tension people of the time certainly felt. Most of the action takes place in the faces of the actors on screen. There are entire sequences where the visuals matter more than the dialogue and it's a movie that asks for a little bit of brain power to enjoy.

Unlike Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy - a film that left me scratching my head and feeling less than average in intelligence - Bridge left me refreshed and intrigued by all the untold true spy stories in our history. This is a great choice for your next home movie night if you enjoyed Argo or are looking for a powerful film that won't leave you depressed.

Stefanie S.

Written by Stefanie E.

Fun fact: Once upon a time I went to film school.