Dear Edward
Ann Napolitano
Friday, Feb 28, 2020

Edward is the sole survivor of a plane crash on his family’s flight from New York to California, where they were planning to live. The plane went down unexpectedly in Colorado and more than 180 people died. He is only 12 years old and returns to the east coast to live with his Aunt Lacey and Uncle John. There he meets Shay, the next door neighbor, who is his age. Edward and his brother, Jordan were very close, and that closeness is all that Edward has ever known. He feels isolated as he tries to make sense of the world without them. Set between the current day with Edward, and back on board the plane as it moves forward in slow increments of time, we get to know the passengers who are fated to be making their final journey. Ms. Napolitano digs deep into a brother relationship that has all the intimacy of twins even though these boys are three years apart. Edward transfers his need for this kind of bond onto Shay who helps him discover an important part of the puzzle to his healing. This makes for interesting reading as they navigate the difficult path of Edward’s grief as he attempts to establish a new normal, develop the various relationships in his life, and search for some semblance of hope again. Dear Edward is a profound and poignant look at life and how fragile it is. How we take things for granted – each other – until one day it’s too late. I highly recommend this novel.

Debbie F.

Written by Debbie F.

Fun fact: My maiden name is Dugger and I grew up in Arkansas and no, I'm not related!!!