Death by the Book by Lenny Bartulin

Thursday, Jul 1, 2010

Family greed, multiple betrayals, dark secrets and dead bodies encompass Death by the Book, a first work of fiction by Lenny Bartulin. Jack Susko is an Australian bookseller with a storied past who receives a request from a wealthy recluse to find copies of Edward Kass' poetry. As Jack is searching for these works, he becomes smitten with Annabelle, the daughter of the recluse. As time passes, Jack is pulled further into this family and pays the price by being attacked by Anna's estranged husband. The unlikely suspect is a family member who wants to achieve personal gain no matter what alliances must be made. In the end, Jack pays the price: loses the girl and makes little money. Death by the Book starts slow with time to set the stage in Australian, but picks up the pace when Jack gets attacked. A good start for Bartulin and maybe we will see additional titles in the future.

Written by Anonymous (not verified)