Earth Hates Me : True Confessions From a Teenage Girl

Earth Hates Me by Ruby Karp
Ruby Karp
Monday, May 28, 2018

In the event that you are heartbroken, the typical first move is to buy pints of ice cream, lock yourself in a room, and binge-watch romantic comedies.

From labels to crushes to real-life mean girls, Karp maintains an air of honesty and humor in Earth Hates Me as she delves into what it means to be a teenager in the digital age. The technology may have changed. Society may have changed, however the pain and happiness of being a teenager remain. From drunk friends to broken hearts, Karp shows that being a kid doesn't mean being oblivious to the world around her. Karp also explores the role that social media played in her development both the positive and the negative. She offers helpful sections on how to approach social media in a healthy way on top of her five-step process for surviving a breakup.

Throughout the book, Karp admits to being over-dramatic and makes light of her responses to life. Granted, as she explains, she is a teenager and therefore prone to it. This doesn't diminish the seriousness of her message. In fact, it adds a layer of authenticity and honesty. She doesn't hide her flaws but rather freely discusses them.

The book is a quick read and thoroughly enjoyable. Parents and teens will find her story to be relatable as we were all teenagers once.


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