Red cover with different typeface
Amie Kaufman and Kay Kristoff
Friday, Nov 27, 2015

On the morning of their break-up Kady and Ezra are thrown together on an escape for their lives as their mining planet is torn apart by a company vying for its natural resources. As refugees they are separated onto two different ships and communication is breaking down between the crews. Kady is a skilled hacker and begins sifting through classified information to find some hard truths. There is so much I want to say about this story but can't because half the joy of reading it is in the mysteries revealed and conspiracies discovered. Written in classified memos, emails, and messaging, Illuminae is an exciting and fast-paced ride. If you love the TV series Firefly or books by Jack McDevitt and don't mind a little bit of Teen romance you will not be disappointed by this new futuristic science fiction series.

Stefanie S.

Written by Stefanie E.

Fun fact: Once upon a time I went to film school.