Logan (DVD)

Cover of Logan film featuring Hugh Jackman as an older Wolverine dressed in a suit at sunset
Wednesday, Jul 26, 2017

Logan is first and foremost another chapter in the X-Men comic book series of popcorn movies, but it is also one of the best Western films I've seen made in recent years. Unlike any of its predecessors, it has a quiet elegance about it. While there is still plenty of gripping action, it is filmed with great care and the cinematography is gorgeous. Much like a traditional Western, the film is also pretty gory (it contains the most violent sequences of any X-Men film to date). However, the violence is carried out by more than guns in Logan. The story focuses on two veteran X-Men, an aging Wolverine and an ailing Professor X, who gain a stronger sense of character growth than in previous series installments.

When Logan (aka Wolverine) is unwillingly tasked with helping a young mutant girl with similar abilities escape a villainous organization, the story takes a turn into an enthralling adrenaline-filled road trip movie. The relationship that forms between Logan and the girl has all of the great components one can hope for between an older mentor and young protégé, and the impressively gifted mutants cause quite a lot of bloody havoc along the way in their struggle to survive an institution that would have them killed if they do not comply with a militaristic directive.

Logan is as intelligent as it is entertaining and will certainly refresh viewers who love action movies, but have computer-generated imagery (CGI) fatigue. Along with the fans of the X-Men series, I would recommend this film to those who enjoyed the recent Western, Slow West.

Stefanie S.

Written by Stefanie E.

Fun fact: Once upon a time I went to film school.