Pete's Dragon (DVD)

Green cuddly dragon sniffing a boy's outstretched arm
Walt Disney
Wednesday, Oct 4, 2017

In this enjoyable remake of Disney's classic Pete's Dragon, Pete is on a trip with his mom and dad when a deer leaps into the road causing a fatal crash. Five year old Pete is the only survivor. Thanks to Elliot, a precious-looking dragon with hair like a soft grassy meadow, Peter survivors for six years in the wilderness.

When the townspeople find out the dragon is not just town lore or a figment of a lost boy's imagination, chaos ensues and thus beings an exciting and suspenseful adventure. Pete's Dragon has excellent animation and the actors interact quite successfully.

Terri B.

Written by Terri B.

Fun fact: I was raised on John Wayne and Jerry Lewis movies so I tend to watch more movies than read books.