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Cover of the book entitled The Wives

The Wives

By Tarryn Fisher
Rated by Meghan F
Jan 6, 2020

The Wives should come with a warning. Settle in, silence your phone, and have some snacks handy. Because once you get into this story, you won't want to stop reading.

Staff Review
black and white photo of girl with eyes closed

My Dark Vanessa

By Kate Elizabeth Russell
Rated by Heather C
Jan 2, 2020

Warning: This book will make you remember things not forgotten.

As a woman and in the wake of the #MeToo movement it was really hard to read My Dark Vanessa. It is very well written and oftentimes, too well written. It was haunting in its realness. Real predators exist. Real victims don't come forward. Real justice oftentimes isn't served.

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Heads or Heads
Tuesday, Jan 14, 2020

Heads or Heads is the musical brainchild of 22 year-old Alex Harbolt, who describes his project as "simultaneously avant-garde and easy-listening." Harbolt is also an actor, filmmaker and writer, seeing the intersection of these practices as something "to be ingested as nothing more than a part of the story that is being told; I don't want anything to feel out of place or not within the vision." His new album, Low Angles, was inspired

Jillian Riscoe
Thursday, Dec 12, 2019

Jillian Riscoe's songs are born out of "infinite possibilities of creation and self-expression" and "strength, overcoming negative situations and behaviors, empowerment, finding yourself." Riscoe has been a musician since the age of 7 and a songwriter since 11; this longevity and dedication to craft is evident in the arena-sized rock that has put her on the same stages as Pat Benatar, Rick Springfield, Lisa Loeb

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