American Vampire, by Scott Snyder

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Steven King and I agree that Scott Snyder has written a wonderful, fresh take on vampires. Steve liked it so much that he asked – yes, asked! – if he could contribute. Together, Snyder and King, along with illustrator Rafael Albuquerque, have written a vampire series that is bloody and scary and beautifully depicted. It’s got fangs and claws and only a vary little bit of kissing. It also has flappers and cowboys. Awesome, huh?

The parallel story lines tell of a new breed of American Vampires, hearty and defiant. Skinner Sweet, the first of these vampires, is a Wild West outlaw. His turn-of-the-century origin story is written by Steven King. Pearl Jones is a 1920s actress. She meets Sweet when he turns up in Hollywood to settle a score, and – mayhem ensues!

If you like Steven King, horror comics, thrillers, or bloody westerns, this book’s for you. If you’ve ever been a struggling, bit-part actress who works three jobs and gets invited to a movie producer’s party, this books for you! If you are a cowboy and you somehow ingested the blood of an ancient European vampire, this book’s for you!

Julie T.

Written by Julie T.

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