A faded silhouette of a man

The Man Who Wasn't There

Anil Ananthaswamy
Rated by
Amy F.
Friday, Mar 4, 2016

You had me at "In the tradition of Oliver Sacks..."

We see the back of a young man who's pressing his hand against a glass wall with a pensive look out at the dark space beyond

Ender's Game

Orson Scott Card
Rated by
Hope H.
Tuesday, Nov 25, 2014

Confession #1: I shy away from Science Fiction.
Confession #2: I checked this out because the audiobook was readily available...
Confession #3: And maybe because there was a lot of buzz about the movie.

And you know what? I liked it. A lot. So much that I immediately started listening to another book in the series because I couldn't compel myself to finish my weekend housework unless my mind was in the universe of Ender Wiggin.

Wednesday, Apr 23, 2014

In his new book, Scott Stossel describes his harrowing experience with clinical anxiety as well as its origins as a psychiatric disease. He looks at the philosophical and biological underpinnings of anxiety and the amazing response from pharmacology, both as a benefit for those who suffer from the illness and as an industry that pathologizes normal emotions upon the arrival of drugs that can alter them.

Saturday, Dec 1, 2012

In our society, which prefers and glamorizes extroverts, the natural born leaders, and the charismatic public speakers, introverts are, at times, looked upon as second-class citizens. Quiet gives validation and appreciation to this personality type by telling us why introverts are important to our work places, work teams, and society. The book provides a personality test to determ

Sunday, Sep 9, 2012

Gretchen realized at one point that her life was passing by like a fast train and that she was not focusing on things that are important or that matter to her. She reminds her audience that a person does not need to divorce a spouse and travel the globe to look for happiness or the real “self.”

Monday, Oct 4, 2010

Adrian Furnham, a pioneer in the psychology of money, presents here a readable synthesis of years of research and study in the area. He provides information and advice that would benefit anyone. This book is a must for employers and human resources professionals. Anyone who is interested in money-- or who has someone close who would benefit from being more interested in the topic-- might take a look at this book. It's a quick, but solid, read.

Monday, Aug 31, 2009

Kuffel offers interesting insight into her weight loss, different from a how-to diet book or even an account of how she did it. Her focus in on why she did it, and how her own journey transformed her relationships and her life is an engaging read about one woman’s struggle to overcome a lifelong addiction.