Bad Feminist in pink letters on a white background

Bad Feminist

Roxane Gay
Rated by
Amy F.
Saturday, Mar 12, 2016

Immediately after finishing the downloadable audiobook of Bad Feminist, crisply narrated by the inestimable Bahni Turpin, I placed the print book on hold. There are just too many interesting, important and often hilarious moments to absorb in one go.

Mermaids in Paradise

Lydia Millet
Rated by
Roxanne B.
Tuesday, Jun 23, 2015

If you’re expecting something akin to Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid, you will be in for a disappointment. Lydia Millet’s Mermaids in Paradise is both hilarious and heart-wrenching. Narrator Deb has just gotten married to Chip, her positive, gregarious partner.

Wednesday, Sep 25, 2013

Similar to Tina Fay’s Bossy Pants, William Shatner’s Shatner Rules might possibly be better in audio than written form. Narrated by the great Captain Kirk himself, the audio version feels as if you’re watching a personal interview with Mr. Shatner. Whether reading or listening, if you’re in the mood for a humorous, informative biography on a TV legend, this is the book for you.

Tuesday, Aug 27, 2013

If you are a fan of the TV shows White Collar and Leverage, The Heist might be the book for you. FBI Special Agent Kate O’Hare has finally gotten her man. After five years of chasing after con man Nick Fox, Kate has put him away. Or has she?

Skulduggery Pleasant

Derek Landy
Rated by
Jared H.
Sunday, May 26, 2013

Skulduggery Pleasant is an ace detective and master of elemental magic. With his sharp sense of style, razor wit, and snarky sidekick, he is ready to take on any challenge and stop any threat. He is also technically dead.

Just Like Heaven by Julia Quinn

Rated by
Traci M.
Sunday, Sep 9, 2012

If you are a resident of Julia Quinn’s London, you know the one social event of the Season to avoid is the Smythe-Smith musicale. Every year, four unmarried Smythe-Smith cousins gather together to form a string quartet and badly perform Mozart for the ton. Just Like Heaven is the first in this series.

Tuesday, Mar 30, 2010

Reasons I enjoyed this book

A. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE STAND-UP COMEDY. I listen to it on XM radio, watch Comedy Central and visit the comedy clubs as often as possible.

B. I am a female. I enjoyed reading about these comedians and why some women did not find their shtick so funny.

C. I have been with the same (awesome) dude for 14 years and like to live vicariously through books.