serial killers

Red high heeled shoes, splattered with blood


Kristina Ohlsson
Rated by
Hilary S.
Friday, Jan 8, 2016

A mother has missed getting back on her train, leaving her sleeping child alone onboard. Now someone has taken the child off of the train near Stockholm, snatched from under the nose of the train staff, who were supposed to be looking out for her. What caused the mother to leave the train for so long in the first place, and how could the staff have missed the girl leaving?

a pen pushed into a wall leaking blood

The Serialist

David Gordon
Rated by
Don M.
Tuesday, Aug 25, 2015

David Gordon gives us a new twist on the serial killer novel and it’s a welcome addition. The Serialist is his first novel and was nominated for the 2011 Edgar Mystery Award.

Serial killer Darian Clay hires Harry Bloch to visit the women who send him letters and write stories about them. In exchange, Clay promises the inside story on the women he has killed (like where their heads are), guaranteeing a bestseller.

Power Play

Catherine Coulter
Rated by
Lisa J.
Friday, Dec 26, 2014

If you have enjoyed Coulter's seventeen previous FBI thrillers you will continue to do so with Power Play. Savich and Sherlock are assisted by Special Agent Davis Sullivan who, one fall morning when leaving Starbucks on his way to work, helps to stop a car jacking in progress. Unbeknownst to him, the intended victim is U.S. Ambassador Natalie Black who is back in the U.S.

red image of an Xray of a head and shoulder shot from the side

Bones Never Lie a Novel

Kathy Riechs
Rated by
Melody M.K.
Tuesday, Dec 23, 2014

For those who have been enjoying the Temperance Brennan Mysteries by Kathy Reichs, Bones Never Lie brings forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan and Detective Andrew Ryan of Canada back together in the search for a serial murderer.

Child 44

Tom Rob Smith
Rated by
Melody M.K.
Thursday, Aug 7, 2014

Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith is historical fiction set in Stalinist Russia when the Government was all powerful and all were constantly watched over by officials. One wrong move could send you to a work camp in Siberia, never to be seen again. Life was hard, and on top of that Smith throws in a serial killer that moves throughout Russia killing children and women at will. Defending this system is idealistic security officer Leo Demidov, a war hero who believes in the iron fist of the law.

The Snowman by Jo Nesbø

Rated by
Jed D.
Thursday, Apr 5, 2012

Another Scandinavian “must-read” mystery, this complicated tale is set in and around Oslo. The killer’s trademark is a snowman – placed outside the home of the victim, sometimes using parts of the victim in the design, as well as other creative means to communicate the theme. Harry Hole is the detective inspector out to catch this first known serial killer of Norway. He

Thursday, Jan 28, 2010

Darkly Dreaming Dexter is the first of a series by Jeffry Lindsay. Dexter Morgan is not your average serial killer. His foster father Harry was in the police force, and recognized Dexter's dark side from an early age. Harry taught Dexter to live by a code that would keep his inner monster hidden from others, only turning it loose for the good of humankind.