Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life

Cupped hands holding red and white beans
Barbara Kingsolver
Tuesday, Jun 2, 2015

I loved this non-fiction book, written by one of my favorite fiction authors, Barbara Kingsolver.

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle details one year in which the author's family ate only animals and produce which they had either raised/grown themselves, or which they could purchase from local sources. (Local was defined as anything within a 60 mile radius of their home in Virginia. So, for example, since citrus fruits are not grown within that radius, the family did without citrus for that year.) I found the whole process which they went through to be so interesting - deciding what they were going to grow and raise; preserving (drying, canning, freezing) the food they harvested/killed for consumption during the non-harvest months; scouting out local sources of items like beef, flour, honey, etc. I came away from this reading experience with a greater appreciation of the work of farmers; the effort that goes into producing and raising food; the value and great variety of seeds (e.g. all the varieties of tomatoes!), and the economic value of eating local. I also came away with a desire to patronize our local farmer's market to obtain more of our produce, and other things locally and to feed my family in greener, healthier ways.


Written by Marty J.

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