Await Your Reply by Dan Chaon

Tuesday, Jun 30, 2009

Why has Miles spent his entire life chasing after Hayden, his mentally ill twin? Each time he receives communication from Hayden, he packs his things and embarks on another wild goose chase in hopes of catching up with him.

Why don’t things don’t go as planned for George Orson and Lucy? When they leave Pompey, Ohio where George Orson taught high school English and Lucy was his student they have big plans to live in glamorous places. It doesn’t quite work out.

Why is Ryan on his way to the hospital with his severed hand in an ice cooler?

As these three stories unfold we slowly learn the details of what has happened to each and why. With identity theft at the heart of every deception, the connections between the three stories are evasive until the last chapter when all is startlingly revealed.

Written by Helen H.

Fun fact: I adore furry faces.