The Bone Season

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Samantha Shannon
Tuesday, Apr 22, 2014

When I first started reading The Bone Season I wasn’t sure I would like it. There was a fair amount of slang and the tone was dark. Even after finishing it, I can’t say it’ll be on my favorites list. And yet, it was compelling, drawing me in so I had to know how it would end.

Of course, being the first book in a series it doesn’t really “end." Nevertheless, I was intrigued by the plot and felt for the characters. The Bone Season is a kind of alternate history/science fiction/urban fiction tale with a bit of steampunk thrown in. It takes place in England in the year 2059 and centers around Paige Mahoney, who works in the criminal underworld. It’s an underworld with a twist. While Paige thought her world was dark as it was, she never dreamed what underlay the foundations of that world.

I would recommend this book to fans of dystopian fiction.

Diane H.

Written by Diane H.

Fun fact: Corinth was my neighborhood library when I was a kid.