The Shepherd's Crown

Terry Pratchett
Rated by
Rachel C.
Tuesday, Oct 13, 2015

As he does for everyone in the end, Death has come for Granny Weatherwax. The finest leader the witches never had, indisputably first amongst equals, Granny bequeaths her legacy to young Tiffany Aching. Tiffany struggles to do the job in front of her when she has to manage her own steading, Granny's steading, train a new apprentice (and never before has a boy wanted to be a witch!), and stop the elven incursion into her world. Not to mention reining in the Nac Mac Feegle clan. Crivens!

Orange cover with white font title and a little scribble think cloud.

Think Like a Freak

Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner
Rated by
Caitlin T.
Thursday, Sep 17, 2015

Don’t be turned off by the title; Think Like a Freak by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner is a stimulating book that aims to entertain while educating and expanding the way one thinks.

Yes Please

Amy Poehler
Rated by
Katie S.
Sunday, Aug 23, 2015

Yes Please gives readers insight into the crazy, hilarious, sweet and caring mind and life of Amy Poehler. She discusses everything from the day she was born, to the first time she realized she wanted to be an actress, to learning improv in Chicago.

Steven Universe (DVD)

Rebecca Sugar
Rated by
Rachel C.
Wednesday, Aug 19, 2015

Steven Universe is everything I never knew I wanted in a show.

Saturday, Aug 15, 2015

Retired Army sniper Finn O'Donnell thinks he's buying a quiet little ranch near the sleepy little town of Burnt Boot, Texas. Near his family but far enough away that he can enjoy the peace, quiet and solitude after two tours in the Middle East. What Finn gets is a ranch right smack dab in the middle of two feuding Burnt Boot founding families whose shenanigans are always causing some uproar, a foul mouthed parrot, a tiny dog, an interfering bossy grandma and her busybody friends from town, and a ranch hand who hates ranching and her nephew who are trying to avoid witness protection.

The word "Attachments" being held together by a paperclip, with two office desk chairs in the corner.


Rainbow Rowell
Rated by
Hope H.
Thursday, Aug 13, 2015

Let's face it, light-hearted love stories are not my go-to genre. Were it not for the well-crafted recipe of humorous dialogue, characters with quirky faults, and attention to vulnerable emotions, this love-at-first-sight story, would simply be fluff. But it's not. Instead it's the decadent ganach filling the inside of our storytelling pastry that literary so-so fluff only wishes it could be.

Dear Committee Members

Julie Schumacher
Rated by
Helen H.
Monday, Jul 27, 2015

In Dear Committee Members, Schumacher puts a delightful twist on the epistolary novel. The story is told completely through LORs (Letters of Recommendation) written by a washed-up professor still teaching in “the wake of the deliberate gutting of the liberal arts, English in particular, in favor of the technological sciences…which the faceless gremlins…have condemned to indigence and ruin.”

Denton Little's Deathdate

Lance Rubin
Rated by
Debbie F.
Saturday, Jul 18, 2015

I immediately fell for Denton Little. Born at a time when people know the date they will die, Denton knows his funeral is today. No surprise. Tomorrow is his death date. No big deal. But waking up in the bed with his best friend's sister? Now that is a surprise. And a big deal.

Gray haired lady with dark blue sweater, red skirt and black high heels backside is pushing the doorbell with right finger. She is holding a black brief case with a spooky faced crossword puzzle hanging out. There is a bush with two round branchs.

Puzzled Indemnity

Parnell Hall
Rated by
Octavia V.
Wednesday, Jul 8, 2015

Sixteenth in the Puzzle Lady series, Hall’s Puzzled Indemnity is still as funny as ever! Cora Felton, the famous puzzle lady has a secret; she can’t solve crossword puzzles. But she can solve a mystery. Cora is just your typical grouchy lady trying to quit smoking without help, and she’s got too many ex-husbands to count.

Erlenmeyer flask bubbles with booze

Proof: The Science of Booze

Adam Rogers
Rated by
Amy F.
Wednesday, Jun 24, 2015

Whether you're a lush (as Betty White says, "Vodka is a kind of hobby") or a teetotaler, this book will fascinate and entertain (I was laughing out loud at least once every chapter). I particularly recommend the eAudiobook, which I listened to on a long road trip.