John Scalzi
Rated by
Brian B.
Thursday, Oct 30, 2014

Redshirts is a thoroughly engaging read, with interesting characters, snappy dialogue, and a plot that transports from comedic to thought-provoking at will. The story follows the adventures of a group of "Redshirts" as they fight for survival and try to unravel the mystery of a curse that plagues their ship.

Sunday, Sep 21, 2014

Kitty lovers will appreciate Caroline Paul's humor, devotion and manic-depressive curiosity in Lost Cat.

sketches of objects such as a car on a white background

Obsessive Consumption: What Did You Buy Today?

Kate Bingaman-Burt
Rated by
Melody B.K.
Thursday, Sep 11, 2014

Author Bingaman-Burt pays penance by drawing all the things she's charged on her credit cards - sunglasses, coffee filters, french fries, diet Coke, shoes and a swan applique. The list goes on as her credit card debt rises. She even draws her monthly statements complete with her payment and interest rates. I'm fascinated with my fascination for Kate's mundane purchases. Oh, what tangled webs we weave with our obsessive need to acquire.

Home to Harmony

Philip Gulley
Rated by
Ellen W.
Wednesday, Sep 10, 2014

Philip Gulley's Home to Harmony is the first book in the Harmony series in which Sam Gardner, Quaker Minister, has returned to his hometown of Harmony, Indiana to assume the pulpit. Gulley uses a folksy writing style to share the joys, frustrations, humor, and outrageous predicaments encountered in a small community church.

various birds decorate a checkerboard cover

Bird by Bird

Anne Lamott
Rated by
Melody B.K.
Sunday, Jul 27, 2014

I'm not a writer but Anne Lamott makes me believe that I could be a great one. Bird by Bird is a writing manual that reads like a memoir, a very funny, life affirming, let's get real memoir. She reminds me a bit of Cheryl Strayed in her clarity and insight not only about writing but about relationships and priorities. Lamott says, "if you want to know your characters, you have to hang out with them for awhile." I highly recommend hanging out with Lamott.

Waiting on You

Kristan Higgins
Rated by
Rachel N.
Monday, Jul 14, 2014

Things are going pretty well for Colleen O'Rourke: she co-owns a tavern with her twin brother, Conner; has made more than a few love matches between the good people of Manningsport, NY; and is great at giving advice. Well, things were going well until Lucas Campbell comes back to Manningsport to see his dying uncle. Ten years ago they were in love—​Lucas living in Chicago gearing up to go to law school, Colleen in Manningsport to be close to her family while becoming a nurse.

Monday, Jul 7, 2014

Mary Roach strikes it big again with Bonk: the Curious Coupling of Science and Sex.


Joss Whedon
Rated by
Rachel C.
Monday, Jun 30, 2014

Much has been made of this show, more than a decade old and canceled before it even finished its first season.

With good reason.

Even suffering from executive meddling, where the episodes were aired out of order and the time slot randomly changed without notice, Firefly built a die-hard group of fans. They even leveraged their passion into a movie to wrap up the loose ends. Why are the Browncoats so fanatical?

Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith

Grasshopper Jungle

Andrew Smith
Friday, Jun 6, 2014

Behold the history of the end of the world - by Austin Szerba. The end of the world does not start with a bang or a bomb, or an ultimatum from outer space. It begins (and ends) in Ealing, Iowa, in Grasshopper Jungle, the parking lot behind the strip mall containing a pizza place, the liqueur store and the second-hand store. It begins when Austin and his best friend Robby (who is is pretty sure he is in love with) are bullied by the local small-town thugs who will never amount to anything (because they are not bright enough too and because they will shortly die).

inside a church with the words Plan B Further Thoughts on Faith on a bulletin board

Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith

Anne Lamott
Rated by
Becky C.
Monday, Apr 28, 2014

I recently missed a carpool, and instead, drove alone. But I never felt alone. Plan B included listening to Anne Lamott's Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith. And she is an excellent traveling companion. Lamott, full of faith and humor hooked me in with her crazy, grace-filled life and I couldn't stop listening. It's a bummer that I missed socializing with my group. But, driving with Anne Lamott narrating Plan B made the trip worthwhile.