Dad Is Fat

Black and white image of Jim Gaffigan with arms crossed and Dad Is Fat written on top in colorful children's handwriting.
Jim Gaffigan
Tuesday, Dec 24, 2013

Kids really do say the darnedest things, but so do parents! From the eye of the storm, comedian Jim Gaffigan reports on the trials of raising five young children and celebrates the absurdities, embarrassments, and joys. He begins by reflecting on his early perceptions of being abducted by aliens (aka, babies) and then recounts his own recent adventures in sleep deprivation, family vacations, juggling schedules, and the power of ice cream. Gaffigan pokes at his own fathering foibles and sings the praises of his wife’s mothering and family management, even if there is some comedic friction from time to time.

I expected to laugh, but I was impressed by Gaffigan’s down-to-earth side, which really drew me in. While I have yet to be abducted by my own aliens, I still thoroughly enjoyed the stories, and of course his message will resonate with many parents, too. Also, for a comedian, Gaffigan tends to keep his stories fairly clean, so this book has wide audience appeal—whether you have kids, know kids, or were a kid.

His oldest is still in grade school, so I hope that means continued installments of this honest, heartfelt, and hilarious memoir are yet to come. Also, do yourself a favor and listen to the audiobook, where Gaffigan’s talent as a stand-up comedian really shines.

Hope H.

Written by Hope H.

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