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Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Jeff Kinney
Rated by
Becky C.
Saturday, Nov 16, 2013

Parents: if you’re looking for a few hours of uninterrupted time to yourself, check out Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney--for your kid. NoveList, an online database the Library subscribes to, is a great resource for books. It lists the minimum reading level for this book at 2nd grade and the maximum reading level at 8th grade. I’d agree that’s about right. If you’ve got a 7-year-old Human Reading Vacuum, a 14-year-old reluctant reader, or anyone in between, it’s a good bet they’ll become engrossed

Friday, Nov 15, 2013

Almost seven score and ten years ago on November 19th, the National Cemetery in Gettysburg, PA was dedicated to those Union soldiers who fought and died during the three day battle there. It was at this event that President Abraham Lincoln gave perhaps his most well-known speech of his political career: the Gettysburg Address. At less than 280 words long, it is a speech that many Americans have had to memorize at one time or another in the years since.

Thursday, Nov 7, 2013

David Rothenberg's Bug Music is a highly readable and eccentric investigation into an aspect of nature too easily taken for granted. Bugs produce very mathematical sounds based on natural cycles. What human ears are able to delineate is really only the tip of a very large iceberg connected to other icebergs. Delving deeply into the sounds of cicadas, crickets and katydids, Rothenberg is not afraid to suddenly go big-picture on his readers. He aims for nothing less than a direct connection between a cricket’s chirp and jazz band’s rhythm section.


Tracey Garvis Graves
Rated by
Lisa J.
Wednesday, Nov 6, 2013

Claire and Chris Canton are living the quintessential suburban life in Johnson County Kansas when the recession hits and Chris gets laid off from his job. With a generous severance package Chris is sure that he will be able to find a job with no problem. However, as the months go on with no job prospects in sight Chris retreats both physically and emotionally from Claire, their two kids and life in general. Meanwhile, Claire is left to keep things going the way they always have to minimize the impact on their children, Josh and Jordan, while working part time from home. As Chris continu

Wednesday, Oct 30, 2013

I need to confess that I gave up reading this book. I thought it was because my science knowledge was so abysmal and this theory was bolstered by numerous reviewers praising Kean for his accessible writing. But I kept having these niggling thoughts that it wasn't all my fault. And in my defense I do like science writing. Each year I devour The Best American Science Writing. This series gets me excited about science which is what science books for the lay person should do. Kean was just too disjointed for me.

The Signature of All Things

Elizabeth Gilbert
Rated by
Colleen O.
Wednesday, Oct 23, 2013

In Elizabeth Gilbert’s latest work of fiction, Alma Whittaker is born in 1800 to her parents, Henry and Beatrix, who are themselves interesting characters. Henry grew up poor and very resentful of this fact, although his father did teach him the one thing that changed his life, which was botany. Henry is a self-made man and is now one of the wealthiest men in America. Both he and Beatrix are very unconventional parents. Scientific in nature, they encourage their daughter to explore their large estate—as long as she is doing something to further her intellect.

The Girl You Left Behind

Jojo Moyes
Rated by
Colleen O.
Wednesday, Oct 23, 2013

The Girl You Left Behind is broken into two time periods: the first in 1916 with Sophie Lefevre struggling to keep herself and her family alive in a German-occupied town in France. Her beloved husband Edouard, a French artist who studied under Matisse, is fighting at the Front. When the local Kommandant takes an interest in a painting that Edouard did of his wife, Sophie is forced to make life-altering decisions regarding how much she will do to survive the war and save her husband.

Adelice is viewed the an hourglass in the brilliant blue cover


Gennifer Albin
Rated by
Jennifer R.
Monday, Oct 21, 2013

Altered picks up immediately where Crewel left off. Adelice, Jost and Erik are on Earth and searching for a way to get back to Arras to save the ones they left behind and overthrow the Guild. They find themselves in the middle of a rebellion they never knew existed nor truly wanted to join. All three characters have their own motivations and secrets that they are hiding from each other, and very quickly the reader realizes that this will not be a smooth or safe journey.

Saturday, Oct 19, 2013

Love this author – love this illustrator – love this author and illustrator combo – love this book. That’s a lot of love, but if you read this book I think you’ll agree with me. I don’t remember how I came across the illustrator Mark Hearld, but my guess (and hope) is that we will be seeing and hearing a lot more from this talented British artist. His mixed media work reminds me of Eric Carle, but colorful and vibrant in a fresh new way.

A woman walks down a dark alley, the Eiffel Tower is in the background, set against an orange sky

Murder Below Montparnasse

Cara Black
Rated by
Bethany T.
Friday, Oct 18, 2013

Aimee Leduc, private investigator, starts the novel with her longtime partner Rene Friant absent and out of the country. Already concerned about running Leduc Detective on her own, matters grow exponentially worse when her friend Saj hits and possibly kills a Serb with Rene's car. Soon, the accident is tangled up in the mysterious death of a Russian bookbinder, a missing painting that could be nearly invaluable, and even Aimee's own mother, who's been missing for many years.