Wednesday, Sep 25, 2013

Fourteen-year-old Jenny shares her daily life with her diary "Dee." Jenny's younger brother Ezra is a common topic. You see, Ezra has autism and Jenny feels connected to him by an invisible cord which helps her keep track of him and his moods. Jenny also feels responsible for keeping Ezra out of trouble and for protecting him from those who don't understand Ezra's actions and autism.

Tuesday, Sep 24, 2013

Mary Roach is the author of several books of science journalism that cover the spectrum of sex, space travel, and cadavers. In Gulp we follow our food from mastication to, well here is an excerpt from the book, “Yes, men and women eat meals. But they also ingest nutrients.

The Way of Kings

Brandon Sanderson
Rated by
Jared H.
Thursday, Sep 19, 2013

Roshar is a world beset by powerful and devastating storms. Yet these are minor compared the desolation that is about to come this world. To face the oncoming devastation, a lowly slave, a would-be-thief, and a weary soldier, must find the strength within themselves to turn back the tide and become heroes.

The Pursuit of Happyness

Chris Gardner
Rated by
Melody M.K.
Saturday, Sep 7, 2013

Chris Gardner and his toddler son spent a year living on the streets of San Francisco, in and out of shelters and run down hotels. All while working in the financial district to get a job that would provide them with enough to live on.

Ultimately, Chris becomes the Chief Executive of Gardner Rich & Company, a multimillion-dollar brokerage. Today, Chris is an avid philanthropist and motivational speaker.

Be a Better Runner, by Sally Edwards

Sally Edwards, Carl Foster and Roy M. Wallack
Rated by
Hope H.
Friday, Sep 6, 2013

Take your running to heart – Heart Zone Training (HZT), that is! Long-time ultra-marathoner and triathlete Sally Edwards collaborated with Dr.

Something Permanent

Cynthia Rylant and Walker Evans
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Hannah Jane C.
Thursday, Sep 5, 2013

Walker Evans and Cynthia Rylant form a simply magical rapport in Something Permanent. Cynthia Rylant’s connection to the photographs is quite eerie given that the book came to fruition after the passing of Walker Evans. It’s as if she has studied the photographs for hours, interviewed Evans, painstakingly plucked the hidden words from the pictures, and shaped them into poems. The poems and photographs surrounded me, and as an outsider separated b


Karen Marie Moning
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Robin D.
Wednesday, Sep 4, 2013

Imagine a world that doesn’t know its own rules. No cell phones. No Internet. No stock market. No money. No legal system.

The Yellow Birds by Kevin Powers

Kevin Powers
Rated by
Helen H.
Monday, Jul 29, 2013

I had to read this book twice to grasp its power. In its richness, it honestly deserves a third reading. The book jacket describes The Yellow Birds as "…the unforgettable story of two soldiers trying to stay alive." And it is that, but it’s also, and I would argue even more so, a cautionary tale.

Saturday, Jul 6, 2013

When Ron Currie’s love tells him she needs space and that he should leave, he does. He moves to the Caribbean where he is supposed to work on his next novel and wait patiently for her to request his return. That’s not what happens. He spends his days drinking heavily, cohabitating with a young college drop-out, and writing the completely wrong novel. Upon his failed suicide, Curry realizes that he can just disappear; and he does. But just for a while. And when he resurfaces he finds that his life, or rather, his death, has taken a decidedly unanticipated turn.

Tuesday, Jun 25, 2013

In the introduction, Kaling says of herself, “I’m only marginally qualified to be giving advice at all. My body mass index is certainly not ideal, I frequently use my debit card to buy things that cost less than three dollars, because I never have cash on me, and my bedroom is so untidy it looks like vandals ransacked the Anthropologie Sale section. I’m kind of a mess.” And yet, she’s written a compelling, humorous memoir, with occasional advice. The advice she does offer is based on her own, real-life experiences and all the more valuable for its lack of childhood trauma.