I'll Be Your Blue Sky

Cover of I'll Be Your Blue Sky
Marisa De los Santos
Sunday, Jul 1, 2018

I loved this book! Clare is a recent college graduate engaged to be married but is starting to have second thoughts. The weekend of her wedding, Clare has several chance encounters with a stranger named Edith, an elderly woman who happens to be staying at Clare's wedding venue. Clare's conversations with Edith change the trajectory of Clare's life. Without giving away any plot details, the book alternates between Clare's present and Edith's past. As Clare searches to uncover the mystery of Edith's past, she learns more about herself and what's important in life.

I'll Be Your Blue Sky is heartwarming and the characters are relatable, and the plot twists keep you engaged and guessing until the end.


Written by Stephanie S

Fun fact: I met and shook hands with Maya Angelou!