Love Me Back

Neon sign spelling out Love Me Back against a blue green background.
Merritt Tierce
Thursday, Mar 12, 2015

In this novel, Marie, a young mother, is a server at an upscale Dallas restaurant. Some nights the tips border on phenomenal. Yet, she is slowly suffocating under a great, sorrowful blanket of depression. She exists, she suffers, she endures acts of degradation and abuse from men on the off chance that occasionally she will experience something other than sadness and pain. Her daughter is a buoy that she lets go of to sink back into the nasty muck. Love Me Back holds no happy ending, no redemption. Tierce is excellent, she never takes the focus off Marie even when it sickens us to watch.

Melody K.

Written by Melody B.K.

Fun fact: I had 11 kids in my senior class.