Tuesday, Jan 29, 2013

What Are You Looking At? is an unusual art history book dealing only with art of the last century, with the focus on the 1980s, “the age when wealth and vanity corrupted Western civilization,” to a little leaner present. The inside book covers contain a detailed map, which resembles the London tube map, of all ob

The Louvre City (DVD)

Rated by
Magda B.
Tuesday, Mar 20, 2012

This well done documentary tells us about the inner workings of Paris’ most famous museum, the Louvre.

Wednesday, Aug 3, 2011

Those of us who are addicted to Public Radio know Kee Malesky as The Librarian. Her name is always acknowledged on NPR programs, which makes her one of a few librarians in the media to receive public credit for her work as a librarian. Hearing her name on the radio makes us wonder what her first name is.

Framed - Tonino Benacquista

Rated by
Hilary S.
Thursday, Jun 17, 2010

Another mystery with dark humor, Benacquista has offered up something quite different from his previous book, Framed, takes place in the Paris art world. Antoine is happy to live on the perifery of the art world in his job as picture hanger for a gallery. His real world comes to life only at night, at the billiards hall.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I was intrigued by the cover of this book and the story line. Dr. Andrew Marlow, Washington, D.C. psychiatrist, is prompted by a colleague to accept the case of a painter gone mad. Robert Oliver, a brilliant artist, is caught in the act of slashing a valuable painting on display at the National Gallery of Art.

Saturday, Mar 13, 2010

Anyone who likes art, animation, or cute things should pick up The Little Book of Hindu Deities. A small book housed in our Young Adult section, it offers some basic info on Hinduism for the curious or those who want to brush up on Vishnu’s incarnations, but its real value is in Patel’s illustrations.