Wednesday, Apr 11, 2012

Ayurveda unlocks the secrets of the centuries old Indian Ayrvedic therapy and its offshoots - Uanni, Siddha and Tibetan traditional medicine, the principal health systems of the Indian subcontinent. It briefly describes many exotic Indian therapies and exotic Panchakarma treatments, but also procedures more known to Westerners such as massage, yoga, meditation and chakra alignment

Beauty Queens by Libba Bray

Rated by
Diane H.
Tuesday, Jan 10, 2012

A plane full of teen beauty contestants crash lands on a tropical island. I was expecting either drama or fluff. What I found was satire aimed at the “ideal” female, reality tv and their sponsors, and beauty contests, with a nod toward foreign relations. While a bit over the top and exaggerated, on the whole I found Beauty Queens to be amusing and entertaining.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Looking for something uplifting to add to my daily meditation readings, I happily came upon Victoria Moran's Younger by the Day. Her book is so inspiring, that I save it to relish as my last reading each day so that I head out for the world renewed and positive. Moran writes in her typical elegant, yet practical and profound manner. This is a real find. I even purchased extra copies to give as gifts for friends and family!

Invisible Monsters

Chuck Palahniuk
Rated by
Helen H.
Monday, Feb 9, 2009

My reaction to Invisible Monsters is much the same as my great Aunt Kack’s to Northern Exposure back in the 80’s. She couldn’t believe what “they” were putting on TV, and I can’t believe what “they” are putting in print.