Wednesday, Apr 6, 2011

A Swedish mystery of crime and revenge. The Beast opens the book, waiting for his prey…schoolgirls, age 10 or so. He knows them. He has studied them. They’ve seen him before. They know they shouldn’t look at him or talk to him. They are wary, but curious. He knows as soon as they answer him that he has already won.

Wednesday, Dec 15, 2010

If you liked (or loved) Dee Henderson's O'Malley Series you will enjoy (or love) Lynette Eason's new series Omen of Justice which begins with Too Close to Home. Homicide detective Connor Wolfe is spearheading the taskforce looking into the mysterious disappearance of teen girls in his small southern town.

Thursday, Dec 2, 2010

This is an older mystery, one I read shortly after it was first published in 1983, but it has stuck with me for many years, so when I recently found the library had a newly published edition, I reread it. I was not disappointed--the characters inhabiting the small, terminally ill coal-mining town in Pennsylvania are still the rock solid working class, some of whom are immigrants and some first-generation Americans decended from their Italian and Polish parents. The struggle to rise beyond the coal mines and unemployment are leading some of the residents to investigate earning money in so

Wednesday, Mar 17, 2010

Cara Black's mysteries, set in Paris in the late 1990s, are appealing to mystery lovers and Francophiles alike, what with all the name-dropping of Parisian streets, monuments, subway lines, and cafes.

In the Woods by Tana French

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Lora F.
Friday, Jan 22, 2010

This book, Tana French's debut novel, is a mystery set in a suburb of Dublin, Ireland. Most of the story takes place in the present, but there are important references to an event that happened in August 1984. That 1984 event happened to the book's main character, Adam "Rob" Ryan, who is now a detective partnered with Cassie Maddox.