Friday, Mar 5, 2010

Rhoda Janzen has it all. She has her Ph.D, her Prada and her lake house. She also has a very handsome husband, Nick, who has just left her for a man named Bob that he met on gay.com. If that isn't enough, Rhoda is involved in a serious car accident one short week after learning about Bob. How can this possibly be one of the funniest memoirs I've read to date?

While I’m Falling by Laura Moriarty

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Jennifer W.M.
Monday, Feb 1, 2010

While I'm Falling by Laura Moriarty is an easy read with a local Kansas flavor, specifically featuring Lawrence. In this coming of age story, Moriarty in her typical fashion explores relationships and how a major event such as divorce in this case, affects the parents, the children and their future decisions about life.