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The Affinities

Robert Charles Wilson
Rated by
Diane H.
Sunday, May 29, 2016

Have you ever felt that you didn’t belong anywhere? Ever wanted to be with people who understand as much as you understand yourself? If so, the affinities are for you. Of course, you may not be a match for any of the twenty-two groups at the heart of Robert Wilson’s The Affinities.

Mr. Nobody

Jaco Van Dormael
Rated by
Megan C.
Saturday, Dec 5, 2015

There are so many fantastic things about Mr. Nobody that I would definitely recommend it, but there are also many annoying things that could turn someone off. So here is my endorsement, with caveats.

A Snow globe with a ship inside, resting on a red base


Gabrielle Zevin
Rated by
Diane H.
Tuesday, Feb 17, 2015

Ever wonder what happens after you die? Elsewhere answers that question in a unique way.

Fifteen-year-old Liz Hall wonders where she is, and why she is there. Is this a dream? The afterlife is nothing like she expected; not that she was really expecting to be in the afterlife at so young an age.

Now she has to figure out how to have a life after death in a place called Elsewhere.

Unwind by Neal Shusterman

Rated by
Lisa J.
Wednesday, Jul 14, 2010

In Unwind by Neal Shusterman the Pro Life/Pro Choice debate caused a global war resulting in a compromise called the Unwind Accord. Technology had been developed which would allow every part of a human to be used in a transplant. The Unwind Accord did not allow abortion but allowed parents to "unwind" their children between the ages of 13 and 18 should they so choose.