cover of I'll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson

I'll Give You The Sun

Jandy Nelson
Friday, Mar 20, 2015

Jude and Noah are twins who share more than just the same birthday, they share the world. The two are incredibly close and share their secrets, friends, talents and more. A novel told from two perspectives, in two different times in the twins' lives, I'll Give You The Sun shows the rift that came between the twins, then shows the reader the trauma that began their separation.

The Last of Us

Naughty Dog Inc.
Rated by
Rachel C.
Wednesday, Feb 4, 2015

The Last of Us won well over 200 awards for very good reasons. Both the original, and the PS4 remake, are stunning examples of the power of immersive storytelling. The game is visually breathtaking, the atmospheric sound effects are perfectly suited, the acting is top-notch, the gameplay is reasonably responsive, and the world-building is fantastic.

The cover in silver with a spooky tree and large text of the tile and author

The Daylight Gate

Jeanette Winterson
Rated by
Julie T.
Monday, Oct 20, 2014

The Daylight Gate was a whim I picked up that fit neatly into my October/Halloween/Witch reading theme, and that delighted me more than I expected. I read Winterson years ago for a post-structuralist college class and only remembered her fondly to feel smarter about myself. This time, I picked her up for the shiny cover and, yes, the promise of witches.

A picture of an old Greek war helm

The Song of Achilles

Madeline Miller
Rated by
Amy F.
Thursday, Jul 17, 2014

This is a coming-of-age story, a love story, and a retelling of the Iliad all in one masterfully told epic. Miller at once succeeds in adding depth and substance to Achilles and Patroclus and also preserving the dramatic feel of the war that is the backdrop to their relationship.

Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan

Two Boys Kissing

David Levithan
Tuesday, Jun 24, 2014

This book has caught everyone’s attention (as Levithan’s books often do). The story centers around an attempt to break the Guinness Book of World Records longest kiss (over 32 hours) by ex-boyfriends Craig and Harry in protest of a hate crime. Add to that the love story of Ryan and transgendered Avery, Peter and Neil (a new couple ready to take the next step) and Cooper, a runaway obsessed with gay hook-up apps and the story is full of interesting and well rounded characters.

Will Grayson, Will Grayson

John Green and David Levithan
Rated by
Rachel C.
Thursday, Jan 30, 2014

Will Grayson is pretty average, his best friend Tiny Cooper is fabulous, and the girl he kind of likes is pretty awesome.

Will Grayson is medicated for depression, lives for the times he can talk to his best friend/online boyfriend, and generally wants nothing to do with much anyone else.

The two Will Graysons meet by chance and their lives take a turn for the interesting around Tiny and his upcoming musical production.

One black man sitting with white girls on a long bench.

White Girls

Hilton Als
Rated by
Melody B.K.
Thursday, Jan 2, 2014

Hilton Als' essays about gender identity, race awareness, African-American gay men and masculinity will give readers severe whiplash. He does indeed discuss several white girls, Flannery O'Connor for one, but then he also explores the white-girlness of Truman Capote, Michael Jackson and Eminem. The chapter on Richard Pryor is my absolute favorite and is followed by a confusing and bizarre fictional rumination about Richard Pryor's sister. Don't try to find a rhyme or reason to White Girls, just enjoy.

Tuesday, Sep 18, 2012

Will Grayson is your average high school student—just trying to get through school while not attracting too much attention. This plan doesn’t always work very well because his best friend, Tiny Cooper (who is not tiny, by the way), is loud. And Tiny is about to attract way more attention because he wants to put on a musical about his life . . . for the entire school.

Tuesday, Aug 14, 2012

Sixty-three authors and artists have written letters to their younger selves, including major names like Gregory Maguire, Jacqueline Woodson, David Levit

Thursday, Apr 19, 2012

Brooklyn, Burning is the story of a homeless teen named Kid who falls in love with another kid named Scout over the course of one glorious Brooklyn summer. Unfortunately, Kid spent the previous summer head over heels for Felix, and after learning the painful lesson that loved ones leave, Kid is desperate not to fall in love again. It doesn’t help that Kid is a prime suspect in a warehouse arson case. Be