Friday, Jun 28, 2013

Do Travel Writers Go to Hell describes the process of writing a travel book, including all the adventures and misfortunes that go along with the job. The author's story is sometimes saucy and has brazen confessions revealing that his adventures were less than “Lonely” Planet.

Tuesday, Jun 18, 2013

This pictorial book is full of warnings and tips for various scenarios a world traveler might encounter. It’s filled with great information graphics, just the right amount of text, and is divided into seven sections: Understanding the World, Outdoor Survival, Etiquette, Medical, Food and Drink, Personal Safety, and Other Fun Stuff.

Thursday, Apr 7, 2011

It was said in our Missouri backyard by Mark Twain that Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness. Rick Steves is knows to us from his PBS programs as the travel authority on Europe. His recent book Travel As a Political Act is taking a different look on sightseeing. Steves presents himself in a new angle – as a social activist. Steves argues that one can't begin to understand the world without experiencing it.

Monday, Dec 6, 2010

This book had great potential, and many great moments, but doesn’t deliver in the end. After a night out with her four single girlfriends, Julie decides to travel the globe interviewing single women for a book about dating in different cultures. It’s a great premise, except that Julie gets air sick every time she flies and is too shy to talk to strangers on her own. Fortunately, one of her friends is able to fly across the world to each country she visits to hold her hand.

Monday, Jun 21, 2010

In 1986, when Mark Twain was 31, he took a voyage on a great steam ship to Hawaii, where he spent four months as a foreign correspondent. He wrote 25 newspaper dispatches on the colorful history of old Hawaii, then called the Sandwich Islands. With his trademark sense of humor and superb style, Twain describes his adventures and cultural observations of daily life on the islands, while attending legislative sessions, hula shows and a poi cooking and tasting.

Tuesday, Jan 13, 2009

When Amanda, an up and coming yogini and Idiot guide writer, is sent to India by her publisher to study enlightenment and how to get it, it’s like a dream come true. But after chasing enlightenment from Ashram to Ashram, guru to guru, Amanda wonders if “enlightenment [is] just the booby prize, the thing you went after when what you really wanted didn’t work out.”