You Can Get Arrested For That by Rich Smith

Tuesday, Mar 1, 2011

This is a silly book. While playing the trivia game of Balderdash, Englishman Rich Smith encounters a question concerning an obscure American law. After a small amount of research, Rich decides to travel to America with his friend Luke Bateman and break some laws. Upon arriving in San Francisco, he and his friend rent a car and spend fifty days traveling across the United States while attempting to break twenty-five different dumb laws. They spend much of each evening visiting local night clubs. By the time they conclude their trip, they succeed in breaking 18 laws. A few of the laws that were broken include:

Fishing while wearing pajamas in Chicago, Illinois.

Playing cards with a Native American Indian in Globe, Arizona.

Entering a theater within three hours of eating garlic in Indianapolis, Indiana

Driving around the town square more than one hundred times in Oxford, Mississippi.

An interesting aspect of this book involved his interaction with different Americans. Many people were more interested in his accent, than with the purpose of his trip. Each chapter included a brief history of each city visited. One highlight of his trip included a visit to Mineral Point, Wisconsin. Mineral Point is the sister city of his home town, Redruth, Cornwall. Citizens there welcomed him and provided free souvenirs.

Rich’s book should have included an appendix listing his source of dumb laws along with a list of laws he intended to break.

Written by John M.