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Beastly by Alex Flinn

Beastly by Alex Flinn

Beastly by Alex Flinn

Alex Flinn
Wednesday, Jun 23, 2010

Kyle Kingsley is the most perfect guy in school, just ask anyone. He has everything he wants, money, the right friends, the hottest girl in school. But no matter now beautiful Kyle is on the outside he is ugly on the inside, where it counts. Kyle decides to make fun of a new girl in his English class by pretending to ask her to the spring dance and then standing her up. But little does Kyle know that the new girl is actually a witch and she gets back at Kyle but cursing him and turning him into a beast.

Now he has two years to find someone to love who will love him back, a seemingly impossible task. Kyle’s father, a locally famous news anchor can’t stand the sight of his newly hideous son and hides him away in a house out of sight. Staying at the house with his maid Magda, and his tutor Will, Kyle begins to change and see the beauty in things he never noticed before.

When the opportunity to have the caring Lindy come stay with him, Kyle (now called Adrian) jumps at it and the hope that the curse might be broken before time runs out. This book was full of groans but it was actually pretty good (even though it was pretty predictable).

Kate M.

Written by Kate M.

Fun fact: I never forget to be awesome!

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