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Crown of Coral and Pearl

Crown of Coral and Pearl cover

Crown of Coral and Pearl

Mara Rutherford
Monday, Jan 13, 2020

Once a generation in the aquatic village of Varenia, when the prince of Ilara-a nearby kindgom-comes of age, the most beautiful girl of age is chosen to marry the prince. Nor and Zadie, two twins, and the most beautiful girls in Varenia, have been hounded by their mother for their entire lives to maintain their beauty, as she does not want to pass up the chance to have a princess as a daughter. Due to an accident years prior to this "choosing," Nor saves Zadie's life in an accident and receives a small scar, and her hopes of setting foot on land are destroyed... Until Zadie is injured, leaving Nor to go to Ilara instead. Here, she meets the cold and cruel Prince Ceren, her future husband, as well as his brother, Prince Talin, who is compassionate and likeable, and whom Nor grows to love. She becomes increasingly more repulsed by Ceren's antics, learns of plans to destroy Varenia, and must preserve everything that once meant the world to her. This was a compelling read. I wouldn't mind reading it again!


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Nithya K from BV YA Lit Council

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