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Fire by Kristin Cashore


Kristin Cashore
Monday, Sep 14, 2009

Over the mountains from the land of Graceling is the Dells, an equally enchanting land. Fire's life has been very sheltered, and for good reason, she is a monster. With a wild beauty and hair the color of flame, her namesake, Fire has the unique ability to control the minds of humans and animals. But Fire guards her power, afraid to misuse it like her father, Castrel, the monster adviser to the previous King who used his powers to almost destroy the kingdom.

The kingdom is falling apart, lords are gathering armies to attack the king and spies are everywhere. Fire has to come to terms with her power when she is called to use it in the name of the crown and help avoid a war. Fire learns to use her abilities for the good of her country but can't fight her feelings for the young prince and commander of the king's armies, Brigand. As the truth about the past of the royal family, her foster father and even Fire herself becomes know, Fire and Brigand are pushed even closer together until war breaks how and the two are torn apart.

Kate M.

Written by Kate M.

Fun fact: I never forget to be awesome!

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