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Frankly in Love

Frankly in Love Cover

Frankly in Love

Yoon, David
Monday, Oct 7, 2019

Frank Li lives with his Korean-immigrant parents in California, growing up with American culture and feeling like his parents don't understand. As he starts to fall for Brit Means, a white girl his parents would never approve of him dating, Frank pretends to date Joy Song, a family friend who is in the same situation. But everything Frank knows about his life is much more complicated than it seems, especially high school dating. 

I think the most compelling aspect of the book is that it's not just filled with love and romance, but navigating that romance for the first time. In most novels, romances between love interests are uncomplicated and go exactly as planned. Frankly In Love, on the other hand, delves deep into couples figuring out what works and what doesn't work for them as well as the feeling of breakups. It was great to be able to see a fantastic example of real, modern-day high school relationships!

This review was contributed by: 
Kaitlin G. from BV YA Lit Council

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