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New Moon Review

New Moon

New Moon Review

Kristen Stewart
Friday, Dec 11, 2009

As promised here is my review for the New Moon movie (I know this is a little late, but I couldn't take the hoards to go opening weekend and then I just got caught up in other stuff). Those of you who know me know that I am not a big Twilight fan... Ok if we are being honest I can't stand the Twilight books. But I was honestly looking forward to the Twilight movie last year.

My major complaint with the books (at least originally) was how s..l..o..w they were. Seriously, make out or get in a fight, I need some action! So I thought that the Twilight movie would be great since it would be the same story but condensed into 2 hours instead of hundreds of pages. But it was terrible! I can't watch it without falling into a coma. I had given up on the series but a friend convinced me to see New Moon...and I am second chance kind of gal so I went last night and my verdict...better than Twilight! Now, take this with a grain of salt, it is all relative and I am only saying that this movie was better than the first movie, not the best movie of all time!

I really loved the new cinematography for the new movie, although at times it made me motion sick, it was much more interesting than the first movie. It also had a really great soundtrack, I don't know if it was because the first movie's soundtrack was almost handpicked by Stephanie Meyer but I was unimpressed. This time it is actually some really good musicians (one of my favs Anya Marina has a track). I guess I just like the plot of the second book/movie a lot better than the others. More action, more love triangle, and I thought it all felt more authentic. I remember having those feelings and those situations in High School. I think the most realistic moment for me was at the movie theater when Bella is in between Jacob and Mike, both of whom want to hold her hand. And after that when Bella tells Jacob she can never return his feelings. But then I am a team Jacob girl (although he obviously unhinged if he likes a girl like Bella).

So while this isn't a movie I am going to pay money to see again, I would watch it if it were on TV or borrow it from the Library. And it is about a 200% improvement over the last movie so I actually have hope for Eclipse. Although this makes me wonder about the directorial prowess of Catherine Hardwicke and I worry for Maximum Ride which is supposedly her next project! If she messes that up I will be very unhappy with her. In summary: + lots of shirtless werewolves + ACTION! + the cinematography was much better = still don't like Kristin Stewart as Bella (an her eyebrows!) - shirtless Robert Pattinson (makes me wonder what Bella is supposed to see in him) - awkward situations that were painful to sit through Overall: B-

Kate M.

Written by Kate M.

Fun fact: I never forget to be awesome!

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