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The Winter Duke

The Winter Duke Cover

The Winter Duke

Claire Eliza Bartlett
Friday, Apr 24, 2020

As the daughter of the duke, Ekata was born into a world of cut-throat politics and tenuous alliances. Unlike her siblings, though, all she wants to do is escape and study the life sciences she finds so fascinating. Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances throw her into the thick of the court politics she has tried all her life to avoid. She must learn quickly how to navigate her situation and hold her head high if she wants to retain her position- and her life. I love the political intrigue throughout the book. It's not something that I've found done in a compelling way in many YA books, but Bartlett pulls it off wonderfully.

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Joan D from MO YA Lit Council


Based upon the good review for the book, The Winter Duke, I was kinda excited to have something fun to read during the summer. However, despite the cool front of the book, as it turned out, the book was not.( to put it mildly:) ) It wasn 't written too well and the plot, which could have been intriguing, turned out to be really boring and slow.(I dont usually mind a book's pace much but found myself skipping through alot of it). When the author threw in a weirdo gay relationship for no reason, I decided I'd had it and will return. Def not one I'd suggest, unless of course, ya need something that'll put you to sleep. (:

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