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You Must Not Miss

You Must Not Miss Cover

You Must Not Miss

Katrina Leno
Thursday, Jun 27, 2019

You Must Not Miss will take you into a teenager’s messy life, and the perfect life she creates in her notebook. When Magpie is tired of all the problems life has dealt her, she decides to take matters into her own hands. She starts writing and creates her perfect world: Near. You Must Not Miss will leave you hooked from page one and until you reach the end. I feel like the cover accurately portrays the contents and includes good details to show what the book contains.The most compelling part of the book is when Magpie enters the shed for the first time. This is the first glimpse of a new world and you finally understand what Magpie has been writing in her journal. I was only disappointed that Leno dragged out Magpie's long revenge story, and included too many deaths/ disappearances. Even though it was drawn-out, it also felt very squished by the many events that happened in such a short time.

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Liz N.

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